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Summer Camp at Northridge Art Studio

We had our first art summer camp at Northridge Art Studio. We had so much fun I must say I realized how much our children need art in their life's in this society that everything is in front of a screen .

I'm not saying that having our kids in sports are not necessary, but Art regardless of it being music or working with your hands it's a different kind of therapy. And bringing the creative side of our kids out it's beautiful and so peaceful we put music on dance around our arts and crafts and we had so much fun thank you to all the parents that trusted us with care of their children for few weeks in the summer. Can't wait to do this again around Thanksgiving and Christmas .spend time with these kids I must stay bring the kid in me and the creative side of me alive. These kids are next generation and I'm happy to say for a week I give them the peace and therapy of art.

Love each one of you guys who came and spend time with us

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