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Adult Art Classes

Explore various art mediums in our adult art classes with experienced instructors ready to assist you. Whether it's oil painting, acrylics, or experimenting with diverse drawing mediums, we have a class tailored for you. Register today by giving us a call and unlock your creative journey.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints, known for their vibrant colors and versatility, dry quickly, allowing artists to layer and experiment with various techniques. Their water-resistant quality, adherence to diverse surfaces, and resistance to yellowing make them a durable choice. Whether used for translucent washes or bold strokes, acrylics offer artists the flexibility to express creativity with ease and precision.


Watercolor paints, prized for their transparency and fluidity, allow artists to create delicate tones by manipulating pigments with water. The unpredictable interactions with paper make them ideal for landscapes, illustrations, and subtle color washes. Quick-drying and portable, watercolors offer versatility and a luminous quality to artworks.

Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are vibrant, smooth, and versatile artistic tools. Composed of pigment, non-drying oil, and wax, they offer intense color, easy blending, and a creamy texture. Ideal for creating vivid and expressive artwork, oil pastels are portable and suitable for artists of all levels.

Oil Paints

Oil paints, revered for their rich and luminous finish, have been a favorite among artists for centuries. Their slow drying time allows for blending and nuanced transitions, contributing to the creation of intricate, detailed artworks. The depth and intensity of colors achieved with oil paints are unparalleled. Artists appreciate the extended working time, enabling them to revisit and refine their compositions. While the drying time is longer compared to other mediums, the results are often timeless masterpieces with a timeless quality.

Pencil Drawings

Pencil drawings, known for their simplicity and precision, showcase the artist's skill in capturing detail and texture. The monochromatic medium allows for a wide range of tones, from subtle shading to bold lines. Pencil sketches can convey both intricate realism and expressive simplicity, making them a versatile choice for artists exploring different styles and subjects. The accessibility of pencils makes them a fundamental tool for artists at every skill level.

Other Drawing Mediums

Graphite Pencils: Classic tools for detailed drawing, graphite pencils offer various hardness levels for creating a full range of tones.

Charcoal: Bold and expressive, charcoal produces rich blacks, allowing for dramatic effects and textured sketches.

Colored Pencils: Vibrant and versatile, colored pencils bring drawings to life with intricate details and a wide range of colors.

Ink: Timeless and bold, ink drawings capture intricate details with a choice of pens, brushes, or other tools.

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